About the Artist

“An inspiring scene enters through my eyes, touches my heart, is filtered through my soul and comes out through the fingertips with a paintbrush…”

 My paintings are about light and color and rhythm!  I paint with a full color spectrum that allows me to express the amazing and dynamic beauty of nature—my greatest source of inspiration. My work is a loose style with thick applications of paint with brush or palette knife. For me, a landscape is not only about color and light, but also about the unique rhythm of a place or scene. I view painting almost like a musical composition – with strong, bright notes in some passages and contrasting areas of more quiet repose. It is up to me as the artist to interpret this ‘song’!

I am a third generation artist— my mother was a portrait artist and sculptor, and my grandmother was a Kansas landscape painter. Growing up, I was surrounded by art and art history books. I spent time working in my grandmother’s art studio where I first started studying art more seriously.  While spending 5 years in Paris in the early 90’s, I studied both Studio Arts and Art History, and was greatly influenced by the French Impressionists & Post-Impressionists. I have studied with other contemporary artists as I have worked to develop my own style.

You will find my work at:

ART on the Square @ Nexton Gallery
420 Nexton Square Drive
Summerville, SC 29486
Phone: 843-871-0297