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View all of my currently available original work.  that is ….


Select from both current and past works on high quality canvas (24×36),


I can create a memory on canvas for the special ocassion – a one of kind

About The Artist

My paintings are about light, color and rhythm! I paint with a full color spectrum that allows me to express the amazing and dynamic beauty of nature—my greatest source of inspiration. I view painting like creating a musical composition – with strong, bright notes in some passages and contrasting areas of more quiet repose. It is up to me as the artist to interpret this ‘song’. I work in a loose impressionistic style with thick applications of paint using a brush or palette knife. My work explores the contrasts of: darkness & light, cool & warm, smoothness & texture, calmness & movement, realism & abstraction.

I am a third-generation artist— my mother was an artist and sculptor and my grandmother was an impressionist landscape painter. While spending 5 years in Paris in the 1990’s, I studied both Studio Arts and Art History, and I was greatly influenced by the French Impressionists and Post-Impressionists. I am currently living in beautiful South Carolina where every day is a new art inspiration!

Art gallery

art on the square gallery

My art can be viewed in person at Art on the Square Gallery in the Nexton Development in Summerville, SC

Art on the Square
420 Nexton Square Dr.
Summerville, SC 29486
(843) 871-0297

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